For the last few months I have been super into getting healthier; especially concerning my diet. With my chronic Lyme disease I have found out that low carb was the way to go- specifically the keto diet.

The way I track my progress is with pictures. I actually have not budged on the scale- which is expected since I am also lifting weights. However, I have lost numerous inches of fat on my body.

In the last day I started something called an “egg fast” where you eat mainly eggs to reset your metabolism. So- I am very active on Facebook and like sharing my struggles, stories, and what my results are with my friends because it has made such a difference in my health. This morning I posted a picture of my DAY 1 results:

This is where the “body shaming” started. Someone who has never had a conversation with me EVER says “looks more anorexic to me”. I was disgusted. I have been body shamed on both sides of the spectrum. Women have called me “thick”, “man looking”, “chunky” and now “anorexic”. Thank god I have high self esteem!

How is any of this ok? No wonder why most women have body issues. ITS BECAUSE OF OTHER WOMEN.

It’s not ok to shame people that are thin, it’s not ok to shame people that heavier, why don’t we just SUPPORT and uplift each other no matter what?

There’s enough shit in the world without having women continually SHAME each other!

Think. Before. You. Type or speak.

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