Why I started adding this little tool to my health and wellness routine-

Ok let’s start off by saying- this is NOT something you use in the bedroom- let’s get that out of the way lol.

This is a little device that helps “blasts” (breaks up) fascia. So what is fascia? It’s connective tissue that surrounds pretty much everything in our body. Why do we want to blast it? Having loose and functioning fascia can help with many health problems!

Such as-

*the appearance of cellulite

*can help with soft tissue pain

*help muscles function

*can help break up fat

*helps the lymphatic system (this helps detox)

I have only been using this little tool for a week now and it has helped with many things- tighten and tone my legs- helps with my neck pain and headaches- break up scar tissue.

If you are looking for more info- https://www.fasciablaster.com/ is the place to go. I will be updating my results after a month or so time and more of a review of it.

P.S.-I was not paid to write this 🙂 or endorsed in anyway !

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