When you keep restarting healthy habits…..

So most New Year’s Resolutions fail. Not for lack of trying but most people are not ready to make that “change” whatever it is- health, working out, stopping smoking, etc.

Recently, I was asked to be part of a Live Healthy Iowa Challenge– now 2 years in a row. You would think:

“She is a health and wellness coach and any time of health challenge would be easy”- wrong.

I always tell people- I like eating healthy, taking supplements keeping toxins out of my home BUT I HATE WORKING OUT.

I would rather be doing anything else. I am happy after I do it though so again I tried it this year again- and again I am not staying as consistent as I want to be. However, I want to tell you something:

You can ALWAYS restart. You can always try again. The important part is to keep trying. Small achievements are still achievements.

I am challenging myself to start over. To making small but constant strides when it comes to exercising.

I am also challenging YOU. To start over. With whatever health goal you have. Be it eating healthier, working out more, or anything. You can do it!




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