Severe Autism To Neurotypical – why biomed works

Most people know our story or at least part of it. Our son, Levi, has been thru a lot of struggles even though he is only 6 years old. I am not going to go in complete detail but Levi was not born with Autism. He was born with an apgar score of 9 (almost perfect). Around the age of a year I started noticing some things that made me worried. He was obsessed with watching fans, he had horrible tantrums, tip toe walking, not playing with toys correctly, and not babbling or talking as much as he should. I asked the doctor about this and she said “He is a boy, it is normal, don’t worry.”

Levi -around Age 2

BUT I did worry. My gut said there was something wrong. So my son was hospitalized around 15 months- after a round of vaccines and nothing was ever the same. He didn’t want to eat, his tantrums got worse, he started to harm himself by biting til he bled, hitting his head on concrete floors , being destructive to even us (his parents), and being non verbal. I started researching. Reading as much as I could about if this was normal and what I could do.


At 18 months I decided that I was going to try BIO-MED which is a natural approaches that tries to fix the underlying medical issues that my son had. First was diet, then adding in supplements, next was removing toxins. I could write a book on what we did- and actually might- but, not right now :). He started to improve slightly after introducing some of the basic treatments. However, he still got the diagnosis of Autism, sensory processing disorder, language disorders, ODD, self injurious behavior, and then-some. So I continued with the BIO-MED and prayed for the healing to continue.

Levi- Age 5

So- now my son is six and a half. Not that long ago he was non-verbal, so destructive it was scary and now this is him reading at 6 years old:

Healing is possible!