My newest endeavor- making an empowering and safe place for women

So, helping people is definitely my passion. If it is health and wellness related or other. I’ve been trying to find a group to call my home for a while now. Some what of a networking group but MORE. Being a small business owner, a woman, and a mom it’s hard to find a fit in where I belong. I like  a MOPS group but again.. my business is my life so a good combo of both would be ideal.

I searched for this for 2 years now. I have found some amazing groups along the way and still go to some of them. However, I craved for more connection and more of a sisterhood- that is when I found Polka Dot Powerhouse.

I am excited to announce to everyone that I am now the Managing Director of the Clear Lake, IA chapter!!!!

Let me tell you about them and why I was drawn to this awesome group of ladies. For starters- there are 50+ chapters in the United States and international as well. It is relatively a newer type of connection group and they have been growing fast!

Why is this group different?

This group is for women that are professionals, small business owners, network marketers, or for someone looking for a group that is positive and uplifting. There is no rules concerning 2 people of a related field not being able to be in the same group. There are no requirements for giving referrals to others. Its a place of support and connections.

Why did I decide north Iowa needed this?

The only other chapter in Iowa is in the Cedar Valley area which is about 2 hours from. However, when I went to the chapter down there I was super impressed. It was the top 10% of women in business in the area- people who were good with marketing, others that were coaches in everything imaginable, and just women who have gone thru the ups and downs associated with being in business. Just in the 2 months I have been in that chapter I have made so many connections and learned a lot about myself. In addition, I have made new relationships that has furthered my personal business. I also feel like I am part of a supportive community to fall back on.

I have told this story to many people but I will tell it again to demonstrate how it feels to be a woman business owner in the small community where I live now:

I try and dress up and look nice most of the time. I dress up for me- not to impress anyone BTW. An older man who has lived in my town (population 250) for his whole life saw me walk into the post office one day. I was wearing a skirt and looked nice.

He asked me “Why are you so dressed up? Are you sitting on the boss’ lap today?”

I was shocked and mortified. Every response went rushing through my head and if you know me I do have quite the mouth on me. However, I thought that wouldn’t show him anything. So, I turned to him and just blatantly told him “I AM THE BOSS”.

He had a shocked look on his face. Later, I heard from my neighbor that the man was asking around town what I actually did.

So in a nutshell that’s what I made my goal- to make a group where women could go to find a community that would welcome them in open arms. A group who could help one another.

If you want to know about Polka Dot Power house an excellent video is: here

It is tentatively planned to launch the Clear Lake, IA chapter in early June. If you are looking for something like this please please ask questions and lets connect :).


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