How I learned to have multiple streams of income the hard way….

Ok I get it. I had the 9-5 mentality most of my life. My dream was to get a “good” job and work there until I died. Enabling me to pay my bills, have a great life, white picket fence- all that bullshit. However, what I found out is that LIFE doesn’t work out like that; at least for me.

First “good” job I had was working for the USPS. I was a letter carrier at age 22 and making $40,000+ a year. I thought I was set. I bought a house. I was super successful for being that young. My life was going to be a breeze right? WRONG. Unexpectedly, I was hit with severe migraines that they could not figure out. Was in the doctor’s offices at least 3 (sometimes more) per a week. Every time I went in their they threw a bottle of pills at me and all the pills did was make me sleep and left me depressed. One doctor even told me I probably would have to quit my job. WHAT? This was my ticket to being successful. After months of dealing with this I had to walk away from that job and losing every kind of security I had. Lost my house, lost my health, lost everything I ever knew.

What if I had another stream of income back then? My life would have been much much easier.

Fast forward to when my husband and I owned a masonry company about 4 years ago. Our company was rapidly growing. We decided to “go big or go home” and bid a job that was 1.4 million dollars. We won the bid and the job was cursed. EVERYTHING went wrong and we ended up losing everything. We lost our company, everything we put into it, almost our home, and ended up with over $100,000 in IRS debt (which you cannot get rid of). AGAIN? having all our eggs in one basket completely destroyed our life. Ended up almost even costing our marriage.

I will say it again what if we had another stream of income? We would not have had to deal with the HELL that it was and continues being of that business.

Today- my husband works a traditional construction job. BUT I have learned my lesson! I have multiple streams of income so I don’t lose my ASS if one thing in my life doesn’t work. Being a mom adds extra pressure to make it all work. So all I can tell you is don’t put all your hopes and dreams into ONE thing.

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