Are you an OCD parent like me? Take your kid to an art studio

So…. anyone else an OCD parent like me?  My 6 year old loves art- paint, glitter, paper, etc. All I think about is MESS MESS- CLEAN CLEAN and I have a little bit of a panic attack.

I found the perfect solution to this: taking him to an art studio and making a frickin’ mess that I don’t have to pick up YET getting the creative outlet that he needs. Win-win right?

We went to  which is located downtown Albert Lea, MN.  The owner is a fun, loving, and quirky (in a good way :)) lady who has a super cute spot.

She invited the North Iowa Bloggers there to preview the new classes she will be having during the summer for kids! Its called Creative Kids Club and goes all summer long- starting in June and ending in August- 10 weeks and 10 different projects!

The one that we were able to preview was a cute yarn, wood, paint, and nails project (sounds messy huh? lol). I was even able to make one and I have to admit it was pretty fun! Best part about it is that my son loved it and I didn’t have to clean anything up!!

So if you are looking for an activity for your kid during the summer that helps their creativity seriously check this out! Kids Club

Another thing to add is that she does birthday parties and small groups as well! We will be there all summer and I am excited for my son and myself (that I don’t have to have a panic attack about paint or glitter) haha.


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