13 reasons why I am glad I was bullied

Me- on the right- when I was in middle school

Bullying is a hot topic. The new Netflix show- “13 Reasons Why” is an excellent document of bullying and the effects that it can have on young people. Before I start going into the purpose of this blog I want to say a few things: I am not saying bullying is good. I also want to say that the young people of today have different challenges that I faced. Social media can be a horrible thing and now you can’t go home and get away from bullies. However, bullying is not a new thing. I am 33 years old and I was bullied and the reason for this blog post is to not make light of bullying but why I was glad I was bullied looking back at it:

1. It taught me how to be strong and stand up for myself.

2. It taught me to brush things off.

3. It taught be to truly appreciate things.

4. It taught me to love myself first.

5. It taught me to talk about what was on my mind.

6. I realized bullies need the most help and love.

7. That the insults that I endured were actually not an indication of my self worth.

8. It taught me not to care what people think.

9. That I could prove people wrong.

10. My looks are not who I am.

11. It taught me that bullying doesn’t just disappear after High School- in fact it never “disappears”.

12. It taught me how to teach my son how to properly deal with bullies.

13. Overall, it won’t your life if you deal with it at the time and talk about it.

So thanks for the people who called me or made fun of my- “big nose”, my zits, or the clothes I wore, being an individual, my voice, not being pretty, that no one wanted to date me, that I was a tomboy,  spreading the false rumor that I was a lesbian and I looked at girls in the locker, and many more.

There are only a few things I would change in my life and being bullied is not one of them. This post is not telling kids to just get over it- but for us parents to teach our kids how to talk about it when it does happen. When kids know that maybe you have been bullied and survived makes it’s a topic that can be discussed.

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