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Why I started adding this little tool to my health and wellness routine-

Ok let’s start off by saying- this is NOT something you use in the bedroom- let’s get that out of the way lol.

This is a little device that helps “blasts” (breaks up) fascia. So what is fascia? It’s connective tissue that surrounds pretty much everything in our body. Why do we want to blast it? Having loose and functioning fascia can help with many health problems!

Such as-

*the appearance of cellulite

*can help with soft tissue pain

*help muscles function

*can help break up fat

*helps the lymphatic system (this helps detox)

I have only been using this little tool for a week now and it has helped with many things- tighten and tone my legs- helps with my neck pain and headaches- break up scar tissue.

If you are looking for more info- is the place to go. I will be updating my results after a month or so time and more of a review of it.

P.S.-I was not paid to write this 🙂 or endorsed in anyway !

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My newest endeavor- making an empowering and safe place for women

So, helping people is definitely my passion. If it is health and wellness related or other. I’ve been trying to find a group to call my home for a while now. Some what of a networking group but MORE. Being a small business owner, a woman, and a mom it’s hard to find a fit in where I belong. I like  a MOPS group but again.. my business is my life so a good combo of both would be ideal.

I searched for this for 2 years now. I have found some amazing groups along the way and still go to some of them. However, I craved for more connection and more of a sisterhood- that is when I found Polka Dot Powerhouse.

I am excited to announce to everyone that I am now the Managing Director of the Clear Lake, IA chapter!!!!

Let me tell you about them and why I was drawn to this awesome group of ladies. For starters- there are 50+ chapters in the United States and international as well. It is relatively a newer type of connection group and they have been growing fast!

Why is this group different?

This group is for women that are professionals, small business owners, network marketers, or for someone looking for a group that is positive and uplifting. There is no rules concerning 2 people of a related field not being able to be in the same group. There are no requirements for giving referrals to others. Its a place of support and connections.

Why did I decide north Iowa needed this?

The only other chapter in Iowa is in the Cedar Valley area which is about 2 hours from. However, when I went to the chapter down there I was super impressed. It was the top 10% of women in business in the area- people who were good with marketing, others that were coaches in everything imaginable, and just women who have gone thru the ups and downs associated with being in business. Just in the 2 months I have been in that chapter I have made so many connections and learned a lot about myself. In addition, I have made new relationships that has furthered my personal business. I also feel like I am part of a supportive community to fall back on.

I have told this story to many people but I will tell it again to demonstrate how it feels to be a woman business owner in the small community where I live now:

I try and dress up and look nice most of the time. I dress up for me- not to impress anyone BTW. An older man who has lived in my town (population 250) for his whole life saw me walk into the post office one day. I was wearing a skirt and looked nice.

He asked me “Why are you so dressed up? Are you sitting on the boss’ lap today?”

I was shocked and mortified. Every response went rushing through my head and if you know me I do have quite the mouth on me. However, I thought that wouldn’t show him anything. So, I turned to him and just blatantly told him “I AM THE BOSS”.

He had a shocked look on his face. Later, I heard from my neighbor that the man was asking around town what I actually did.

So in a nutshell that’s what I made my goal- to make a group where women could go to find a community that would welcome them in open arms. A group who could help one another.

If you want to know about Polka Dot Power house an excellent video is: here

It is tentatively planned to launch the Clear Lake, IA chapter in early June. If you are looking for something like this please please ask questions and lets connect :).


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Why you should never say “you look tired”

So this whole post is about why you should never say “you look tired” to anyone- EVER. Some people might think this is a trivially thing but I will explain why it’s such a big thing.

I will start out with a picture that I took after driving a total of 8 hours in a day:

Am I tired in this picture? Absolutely- but not like zombie tired. It also doesn’t help that I have no makeup on.

So the night before I was educating some people on “How to live healthy on a budget” and got home late and worked a bit and went to bed at midnight. The next day I had to do all the driving; it was for my son and I and our Lyme disease. We go to a holistic doctor 4 hours away.  ANYWAYS- I have a busy life. A lot on my plate and I am tired because I choose to live my life to the fullest.

I have been told multiple times in my life “you look tired”. Which in my mind is “you look like crap.” I know people don’t mean this but in my mind they kind of do.

My response always wants to be – well- I am a mom, a business owner, a blogger, a wife, a friend, have 6 cats, 2 dogs, have been suffering from Lyme disease the last 6 years of my life, have a son that has been thru a lot and continues to, try to help as many people as possible and yes I go without enough sleep a lot of the time ( I have goals )- BUT it doesn’t help someone saying I look tired.

I don’t see any difference by someone saying to a person that is struggling with their weight- YOU LOOK FAT. Or someone that has acne to say- OMG YOU HAVE PIMPLES.

Everyone is struggling, everyone is tired in one fashion or another and you stating someone is tired is definitely not helping their day. If they are tired or not.

Better options:

Whats going on in your life?

How are you today?

Or ANY compliment like – love your outfit, did you get a haircut?, ANYTHING else.

Just a friendly reminder to people to make our world much easier to live in- its hard enough without someone telling you- YOU LOOK TIRED 🙂


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When you keep restarting healthy habits…..

So most New Year’s Resolutions fail. Not for lack of trying but most people are not ready to make that “change” whatever it is- health, working out, stopping smoking, etc.

Recently, I was asked to be part of a Live Healthy Iowa Challenge– now 2 years in a row. You would think:

“She is a health and wellness coach and any time of health challenge would be easy”- wrong.

I always tell people- I like eating healthy, taking supplements keeping toxins out of my home BUT I HATE WORKING OUT.

I would rather be doing anything else. I am happy after I do it though so again I tried it this year again- and again I am not staying as consistent as I want to be. However, I want to tell you something:

You can ALWAYS restart. You can always try again. The important part is to keep trying. Small achievements are still achievements.

I am challenging myself to start over. To making small but constant strides when it comes to exercising.

I am also challenging YOU. To start over. With whatever health goal you have. Be it eating healthier, working out more, or anything. You can do it!




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Live Healthy Iowa Challenge 2017- Diets

Last year I participated in a “Live Healthy Iowa Challenge” this is put on by the Iowa Food and Family Project. It is a challenge where for 10 weeks you track your physical activity, what you eat, your weight and try to all around be healthier in that time period.

Well, this year I am doing it again! It is a nice reminder during the lull of the winters here in Iowa to think about your health. Also, this challenge doesn’t start during everyone’s resolution time- or maybe you tried a resolution and fell off track! This is perfect for a refocus.

So first of all its easy and affordable to do this. You can find the challenge here: Live Healthy Iowa Challenge

There is also ways to win some prizes! Who doesn’t like free stuff? 🙂

So even though activity is important to stay healthy this blog post I am going to talk about navigating many of the diets out there. Specifically, a store that is trying to make it easy and it’s here in North Iowa. Honestly, you can’t out work a bad diet.

Recently, BE WELLness in Clear Lake, IA has been doing some major things to help people confused about the diets out there. If you have been wondering about the paleo, elimination, whole 30, or AIP this is the place to go if you need to or want to follow one of these.


So they have colored coding everything and the difference between them! WOWZA, when I found out my son and my whole family had to follow a diet due to our health it was extremely hard!

Finally, if you want to do the Live Healthy Iowa Challenge with me- Awesome! The links are above. However, I really urge you to make small changes to what you do for your health. In the future, it will result in big changes.

There will be a few giveaways for people following my journey! So stay tuned!



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Instant Pot- Beef Stew (Whole 30/Paleo compliant)

I have been on the Instant Pot craze for a while. Then EVERYONE seemed to finally get it- finally get the awesomeness I was talking about. Even though I am a health and wellness consultant.. there is one thing I love- SUGAR. So I started the whole 30 plan of eating (I hate the word DIET). This way of eating is supposed to reset your cravings- hopefully 🙂

Today I was craving Beef Stew- bad. All the recipes I looked up for the instant pot were too involved. I am using an instant pot for a reason!!! (cause I am lazy lol). So I made up my own- easy, simple, and fast. Not to mention delicious and healthy!

Instant Pot Beef Stew- Whole 30 and Paleo compliant


2 ish pounds of stew meat or roast

3 tablespoons of olive oil, avocado oil,  or coconut oil etc (whatever your preference)

1 teaspoon pink salt (or more depending on taste)

16 ounces Stewed Tomatoes

2 teaspoons smoked paprika

16 ounces broth or stock (chicken, beef or vegetable)

1 pound potatoes (cut in small pieces) *I did not skin these

1 pound carrots (cut in small pieces)

2 large onions (cut in small pieces)

1/2 cup of celery (cut in small pieces)

8 cloves of garlic (cut in small pieces)

1 teaspoon of rosemary


  1. Cut meat into bite size chunks and saute/brown meat in Instant pot in whatever oil you choose (olive, coconut etc).
  2. Salt meat while browning.
  3. After meat has browned- add stewed tomatoes, broth/stock, and paprika
  4. Set Instant pot to manual or cook for 15 minutes
  5. Release pressure
  6. Add in rest of ingredients
  7. Set Instant pot to manual/cook/or stew for 30 minutes
  8. Release pressure- let cool- add salt to taste.

DONE- that easy 🙂




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The problem with the “system”- DHS version

Many of you know our story, but I will do a concise version:  My son, Levi, had very severe Autism and many other diagnoses. So severe he would have qualified for an ID waiver (Intellectual Disability). About 3 years ago my family was struggling every way possible; financially, health wise, emotionally wise- everything. So, I looked into help from the state. I applied for food stamps, Medicaid, and also waivers that would help us. I ran into many problems. One the waiting list for these waivers are very long and we needed help NOW. Also we made too much money (in their opinion)- but long story short we didn’t- we had a company that went belly up and we were swimming in debt- not surviving.   However, I prayed and applied. Hoping that this would help us. It didn’t. Fast forward to now- again 3 years later- I just got this in the mail:


This is a letter saying that I can now apply for the ID waiver.

Now we are in a completely different situation. My son would no way qualify for this. After I changed many things in his life- he lost most of his diagnoses. Yesterday, I got a call from DHS- asking if I received the paperwork and if I was still interested. I told the woman on the phone that my son was “better” that he no longer would be approved. Her answer was “WHAT? what do you mean?!?” So, I continued to explain to her that my son was a different child compared to 3 years ago. She kept pressuring me and not believing me that he should still be put on this.

So my RANT is that- when we needed the help- it wasn’t there. Also, many things can be helped (I am not saying all). However, the way people view things is a diagnosis is forever with you. Through research, diet, supplements, removing toxins, a ton of therapy- things can change and people need to have an open mind to this.

I can’t imagine if I sat around and waited.. waited for things to change or for the help. Today we are truly blessed.


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My fear of being labeled a “recovered addict”



Denial- its a real thing.

I have battled with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs most of my adult life. Sometimes severe addiction. Sometimes less severe. It’s taken a lot from me; relationships, health, time, and respect. However, at the time I was struggling with this I didn’t see this. I didn’t want to. Fortunately, for more than 2 years I have been sober from all of it- the drug of choice for me- alcohol.

Many people have asked “Why don’t you drink?” and my response was usually “For health reasons”. BUT never did I ever say because I am an addict.. I was an alcoholic. Why? Because I didn’t want to be labeled or looked down on. I didn’t want to be seen as a person that was “out of control” at one point in her life.  That I used alcohol as a crutch to deal with life, with stress, with everything.

Now I can say.. “Yes, I am a recovered addict” and I say it proudly.

In the last couple years things changed. The people I surrounded myself with changed. I didn’t see being an “addict” as a bad thing. Actually now I see it completely differently.  The recovered addicts in my life in the last couple years have shown me how amazing, hard working, truthful and strong these individuals are.  They have dealt with the most shit and gotten through it because they were sick of it.

So if you are struggling with addiction or newly sober. Remember being a recovered addict is not a bad thing and sharing the pain you have been through might help someone.


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5 reasons you should buy from home-based businesses



Ok, Ok, I get it!! We get sold to by everyone we know. If you are anywhere on social media you can buy supplements, wraps, clothes, makeup, shakes, and even some products I would never talk about. Unfortunately, some people think these things are pyramids, scams, and they would never “DO THAT”. So I want to make some things clear about network marketing and home based businesses. Also why you SHOULD do that. 🙂

  1. You are supporting real families- and actually keeping your money local. That person trying to sell you nail wraps is actually using the money to pay their rent, put their kid in dance, and other necessities. When you buy an item at Walmart who is that supporting? Do you know them or even know where the money goes?
  2. Cheaper is not better. Many people who do home-based businesses offer products that are exclusive to their company or their niche. What people don’t understand is many of the cheaper products from the box stores don’t last as long, contain cancer causing ingredients, not as fresh, and not as high quality.
  3. It could actually save you money. A lot of the products that are being sold from the home-based businesses will actually save you money if you actually sit down and look what they have to offer. People sometimes completely dismiss the idea without looking at prices and comparisons.
  4. The individual in the home based business actually cares about you! Which equals amazing customer service.  I don’t know how many times I have gotten a thank you, a card, or even a gift from showing my support to these businesses. Feeling like you actually are appreciated instead of the yucky feeling you get at the box stores really makes it worth it too.
  5. You meet amazing people! Some of the best, outgoing, hard working people do home-based businesses. Some of my best friends I would have never met if I didn’t support them by buying whatever they had to offer. Which actually has added a lot to my life.

So the next time you need to buy a gift, makeup, supplements, clothes, cleaning supplies etc.; PLEASE, think about someone you know busting their butt to support themselves and their family. You will feel much better about your purchase and you will be truly making a difference!

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Trying for baby after a miscarriage



It’s been a little bit more than a month since we lost our precious baby. I am not sure but I always had a feeling my baby was a girl so lost “her”. No heartbeat at 9 weeks. It was the most difficult time of my life. After having the D & C and then having to be hospitalized due to possible infection, I told my hubby this is it, I am not “trying” anymore. I said this in a fit of frustration, sadness, and overall despair. However, after everything happened and I could heal emotionally and physically we had another conversation about it.

We have decided to try to get pregnant again! My midwife told me I have to wait about another month to let my uterus lining build back up (I know TMI lol) until we can actually try.

What made me change my mind? Sharing my story about miscarriage allowed me to have a lot of conversations with women who have gone thru the same thing that I did. Sometimes even worst. Many of those women tried again and successfully had a healthy baby or babies. Just because this happened does not mean I am not supposed to have another child. Some events in our life do not make sense; there is no rhyme or reason it seems to have happened.

So that is my lesson from this and want others to understand: everything is not supposed to make sense. The plan for your life sometimes doesn’t make sense :). God knows the plan.


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